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Statutory Audit for the National Securities and Stock Market Commission

Turning to  our  statutory audit services, you can  be sure that our Business Partners Audit Firm will meet all the requirements set by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.
We conduct audit of professional  issuers and market professionals, i.e.:

  • Asset management companies;
  • Joint investment institutions (JII, CIF);
  • Traders in securities;
  • Depositary establishments and holders;
  • Issuers of securities.

According to law, or to be more precise to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine ‘Re Audit Activities, subject to audit are certain Ukrainian enterprises in certain events. Statutory audit of business and financial activities, for instance, is  aimed at
confirming the accuracy and completeness of  annual/quarterly reports submitted by:

  • business entities under liquidation ( where their annual  turnover exceeds   the minimum tax-free income by at least 250 times)
  • confirming the ability to make contributions to the  statutory fund.

Our team will conduct a statutory audit for a Meeting of Shareholders within the agreed time frame, guided by competence and transparency principles.


Legal services

  • Resolving tax disputes. Having tax decisions cancelled through administrative/court appeals;
  • Representing the company’s interests in business disputes;
  • Legal outsourcing (taking up the functions of  your company’s Legal Department);
  • Legal consultancy (customer support, preparing and administering agreements, international contracts, company’s in-house documents, and other legal documents);
  • Legal audit (examining contractual discipline and constituent documents);
  • Administering transactions and evaluating legal and  tax risks related to corporate rights trading;
  • Services of obtaining operation licences for non-residents;
  • Obtaining permits required to start up a trade or catering outlet;
  • Administering a personnel dismissal procedure;
  • Registration/liquidation/reorganisation of business entities, making amendments to their constituting documents.




Comprehensive Review of Company’s Business Operations

Is your business not doing well? Our experts will help you  reveal a weak point in your business. provide you with  the relevant recommendations, and develop a plan for the company’s further development.
If the financial standing of your company is far from perfect, you should start with commissioning an audit of your company in Lviv. Our team of professional lawyers, accountants, and auditors will be instrumental in diagnosing and correcting possible mistakes:

  • in the company’s management system;
  • in the marketing policy ( pricing, sales volume, competitive capacity);
  • in the organisation of business processes;
  • in using current and capital assets, and in investment activities.

Adequate comprehensive evaluation of  the company’s  financial standing will allow you to assess the existing risks and hidden potentials within the company  to enhance its operation.


Based on the review outcomes, our experts will develop a package of measures to be taken to improve the financial standing. Generally, aggressive and conservative policy is preferable in  managing current assets.
Am aggressive policy implies:

  • Increasing current assets without any limitations;
  • Availability of   considerable cash amounts:
  • Large stocks of materials/ready products;
  • Consumer promotion, increasing  the accounts receivable.

A conservative policy means restricting the growth and minimising the working assets.
Thus, a specific control tool will be recommended, depending on the company’s actual  state.

Working together with the Business Partners Audit Firm, you may put your worries to rest and be no more preoccupied with the problem of how to perform an analysis of your operations, since  a financial squeeze of your company will become a thing of the past.


Business plans designing

If you are interested in some idea connected with business, you can always order a business plan for it.
After the designing of a business plan, assessment of its efficiency and taking decision to launch a new project a lot of new organizational issues may arise, for example, registration of a new enterprise, licensing etc. Also a need to keep accounting and tax keeping, choosing optimal tax system may arise.
We are ready to help you and to give you our support in critical situations!









Accounting services

• reporting and renewal of book and tax keeping, performing functions of financial inspector (inspection of gross revenue and gross expenses, indebtedness control, goods and materials movement inspection, control of compliance with the schedule of payments and contractual terms on payments);
• taking part in the inventory procedure of values;
• performing functions of independent financial advisor (tracking financial flows, compiling the list of income and expenditure etc.);
performing support while changing the chief accountant at an enterprises, inspection of transferring and receiving of accounting and tax documentation, electronic version of accounting data base.

Depending on the needs of a client the indicated services may be provided in full or partially, i.e. they may concern types and kinds of procedures being specified by a client.






Consultancy in Lviv

Businessmen, and beginners in particular, would very often ignore professional consultancy when drafting their business strategy, do not turning to assistance before problems have occurred or they have found themselves at a standstill.
By using services of a consulting company, such as Business Partners (Lviv), in a timely manner you will surely avoid strategic mistakes and achieve financial prosperity of your business much quicker.
Even if you have been in the market for many years, it is very important to keep abreast of the times and be able to adapt to  a rapidly evolving and changing  market environment.
Our experts will help you to administer and manage your business, and namely:

  • to prepare constituent documents and  have your business registered, employing turnkey solutions;
  • to build corporate standards into your accounting and reporting systems, together with the accounting policy;
  • to develop a document control procedure;
  • to make your business more responsive to customer demands;
  • to manage your projects;
  • to administer and monitor investment projects;
  • to analyse your staff potential;
  • to carry out a consultancy administration of complicated contracts;
  • to provide legal coverage of resolutions adopted by  the Governing Board and the Supervisory Board (change of ownership, change of  business status, validity of certain transactions);
  • to structure/restructure  your business, develop a new accounting system, conduct an internal audit, and draft  job descriptions.

We are committed to  transparent and responsible practices in dealing with each and every client.
Request out  business consultancy service and  enjoy the benefits of our cooperation!



Offering Taxation Solutions

Having taxation optimised within current legislation is vital for successful business. By requesting tax planning and tax expenses analysis services in Business Partners, you should no more worry about audit prior to a tax inspection, for your business will now operate like clockwork.
Forget about any problems with your Tax Office – rely on our consultancy on tax planning related  matters, such as:

  • Tax accounting system individual planning;
  • Correcting errors in tax returns;
  • Revealing  taxation problem areas;
  • Verifying financing costs;
  • Verifying grant-related costs;
  • Investigating fraud and dispute services;
  • Transfer price formation issues (consultancy concerning  report writing and method justification);
  • Consultancy concerning tax implications of making business contracts;
  • Representing customer’s interests at a Tax Office, together with filing an appeal against  a decision by a Tax Office  to apply penal sanctions.

Indirect Taxation (Ukrainian and International Practice)

We work together with companies operating both within and beyond Ukraine. We  offer consultancy in the  indirect taxation area on such matters as:

  • Value-added tax (VAT),
  • Tax aspects of international agreements (foreign trade activities),
  • Income taxation for non-residents in  Ukraine operating without the status of a legal entity.

Our Benefits

  • Vast National and international experience in tax planning;
  • Successful record of appealing tax decisions;
  • Focus on  a positive outcome and long-term cooperation;
  • Proficiency in problematic aspects of tax legislation;
  • Capability to accomplish the most difficult tasks.


Statutory Audit

  • Verification  of annual financial reports by business entities (joint-stock companies, businesses, securities issuers) whose statements are officially published (except for banks) according to  IFRS   or Ukrainian Accounting Standards (UAS).
  • Audit of financial reports prepared according to IFRS requirements;
  • Confirming the financial status of the founders of companies with foreign investment, joint-stock-companies, financial companies, and other businesses;
  • Audit of companies against which bankruptcy proceedings have been imitated or which has gone insolvent;
  • Confirming liquidation/demerger balance sheet of a company under liquidation/reorganisation.

An official Auditor’s Report is issued following a statutory audit, as required by the regulatory authorities.

Voluntary Audit

  • Verifying reliability of financial statements and information provided to owners (including Management Reports);
  • Verifying the correct  amount of taxes payable and  discharge of taxes, together with maintenance of tax records;
  • Book-keeping status;
  • Particular  business operations, accounts or statement items (e.g. cash-flow discipline or accounts receivable).

Following  an audit, the customer receives an Auditor’s Report and   a confidential report detailing all audited issues together with recommendations  for correcting mistakes and remedying inadequacies.

Performing the Agreed Procedures

I. Preparing financial information:

  • Transforming financial reports drafted to meet the  national accounting standards into financial reports complying with IFRS standards;
  • Consolidating financial reports by corporations and other company groups/pools in line with the  National/International financial report standards  (IAS/IFRS);
  • Verifying financing costs;
  • Verifying  grant-related costs;
  • Inquires  to confirm settlements with counterparties (accounts payable and accounts receivable);
  • Analysing the financial status;
  • Assessing  the compliance of management accounting;
  • Adjusting, comparing or otherwise  verifying  records for correctness, including those related to assets inventory;
  • Assessing  the book-keeping and tax accounting  practices prior to a tax inspection.

Upon the performance of procedures/tasks agreed, the Customer receives an Auditor’s Report with a detailed description of all matters that were the subject of the Contract.

II.  Consultancy on Taxation Issues including:

  • Consultancy on comprehensive tax planning and tax risk optimization;
  • Consultancy on using  tax legislation, together with the organisation of tax accounting and  preparation of tax returns.

Call  to our office to  receive a detailed consultation on any matters related to audit.


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